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#67 Playground Chips (PlayPad)

Species: California conifers. We use clean pure wood in our Certified Playground Chips that does not emit natural toxins, and there are no chemical additives or recycled by-products used.

Testing: Meets or exceeds government standards for ASTM-C136 (sieve analysis), ASTM F1292-96 and F-355-95, procedure C (impact attenuation) and 16CFR 1500.44 (flammability). Also meets or exceeds the California public playground standards requirements for wheelchair accessibility ASTM F 1951.

Uses: Smooth, natural Certified Playground Chips offer a superior surface for playgrounds that is safe, accessible, and affordable. Certified Playground Chips has become the modern choice for play area designers, schools and others concerned with the safety of children, a healthy environment and meeting government standards.

Reuser Inc Certified Playground Chips Brochure.pdf​