• Business Environmental Alliance-Best Practices Award 
  • ​Congressman Mike Thompson-Environmental Achievement Award

Key Accomplishments

  • Sonoma County-Spirit of Sonoma County
  • P.G. & E.-Industrial Energy Efficiency Participant


Reuser, Inc. is committed to leading the industry standards for safety, sustainability and efficiency. We understand that having long-term planning is a critical part of a sustainable business practice and the cornerstone of the stewardship of this beautiful and environmentally sensitive place where we live. As we have expanded our business we have put careful thought into minimizing our impact on the environment while improving efficiency. Our 115,000 square foot distribution building has been in our master plan for 15 years and was designed to carry the weight of a solar paneled roof. Our solar roof project was completed in the beginning of 2015 and essentially allows all of our facility to operate as “grid-neutral” minimizing our impact on the grid and reducing our carbon foot-print.

Our machinery is continuously updated which keeps us ahead of the current emission standards and improves air quality. For several years, we have been using vegetable oil instead of hydraulic oil in our hydraulic system (which in the event of a spill has no impact on the environment). These vegetable-based hydraulic oils pass the Coast Guard’s and the U.S. EPA’s standards for environmentally-sensitive areas and are non-toxic, inherently biodegradable, and easily recycled. We have an ongoing quest to reduce our consumption of nonrenewable resources and are continually working towards this goal. 

As of 2015, the entire fleet operates on renewable diesel fuel.  Our trucks are designed to carry the minimum amount of fuel needed; this precludes an abundance of fuel in the event of an accident. Specialized tires designed specifically for our trucks and trailers maximize the truck and trailer's stability on the highways. Our trucks are equipped with a radar-based safety system designed to provide collision mitigation; this, in combination with antilock brakes on all our equipment, insures safer panic stops.

California is an extremely forward thinking state in regards to environmental stewardship and we have voluntarily pre-regulated our company in order to maintain our ability to perform for our customers. Our delivery fleet met California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations well before mandated by the State. Our trucks have had onboard electronic drivers logs (ELD) since the late 1980's; a mandate for all trucking companies in the very near future. As part of our goal of operating the safest, most efficient fleet possible we provide real-time GPPS tracking of our fleet. Everyone at Reuser, Inc. is committed to continuing updating and improving our equipment in order to run a safe, energy-efficient and productive work environment.

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Our Operations & Facilities​

Reuser, Inc. owns and operates a 13 acre facility in Cloverdale, California with 140,000 square feet of industrial buildings dedicated to manufacturing. Our distribution building alone is 2.6 acres under roof (the size of 2 ½ football fields!). The distribution building, along with our manufacturing building, allows us to process and ship over 800 tons of finished material daily across the state. Owning and operating our own equipment in our own facility allows us complete control from procurement of raw materials to shipment of our finished product. This carefully structured process allows us to provide our customers with the best products available, delivered efficiently and consistently, year after year.

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For forty-three years, Reuser, Inc. has been setting industry standards for consistent, quality organic landscaping materials. Reuser, Inc. was one of the first to perfect the art of wood fiber manufacturing and distribution in Northern California. From the beginning, Reuser, Inc. has always been a family operated business. Since 1978, Bruce Reuser has expanded his business one step at a time. Today Bruce, along with his son, Merle, have a company that provides landscaping materials to retail yards and landscapers throughout the bay area and points beyond.

Our goal has always been to focus on the regulatory horizon and phase in any predicted necessary changes in an orderly fashion in order to isolate our customers from any market volatilities. It is our belief that it is only a problem until you have a solution; we provide the solution. In developing our master plan we managed to keep ahead of current regulation and industry standards, designing a company on the leading edge of conservation, environmental stewardship and the most advanced safety technology; insuring that customers can count on our excellent service and products, year after year.